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We can help with that

Let’s be real here, we are all busy with our day to day lives.  But regular yoga and fitness training, when incorporated into a healthy life plan, will invigorate your mind, body and soul.

Please view our classes below and find something that matches your lifestyle.

Down Dog Fitness Yoga - Class Schedule

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Slim. Tone. Build 45

Slim – A 45-minute class designed to supercharge your metabolism and SLIM your waist.

Tone – The ultimate 45-minute Bootcamp designed to shape your body and tone your soft spots

Build – 45-minute call designed to boost your muscle growth and BUILD muscular endurance.

yoga flow.

Flow – a 60-minute class designed to improve strength, flexibility, and improve overall health.

Gentle – yoga class for students wanting a soft, nurturing slow-paced and well-supported practice. All level class.

Yoga Sculpt Express

30-minute express class designed to burn more calories than yoga alone. This fusion class pairs yoga with other disciplines such as strength, pilates & barre. focus on full-body toning body and core strength. All levels welcome

stretch and renew

Experience the extraordinary benefits of stretching and stress reduction in this class dedicated to improving overall health. All levels are welcome.

Seniors Only

Seniors ONLY 62 and UP – Senior yoga and movement class. All levels welcome.

Zoom access available.

Class Schedule

At a Glance


6:00 am – Slim 45
9:15 pm – Yoga Flow
6:00 pm – Slim 45


7:00 am – Yoga Sculpt Exp
9:15 am – Gentle Yoga Flow
10:30 am – Seniors Yoga
6:45 pm – Stretch & Renew


6:00 am – Tone 45
5:00 pm – Warm Yoga Flow
6:00 pm – Tone 45


7:00 am – Yoga Sculpt Exp
10:30 am – Seniors Yoga
5:45 pm – Build 45
6:45 pm – Restorative Yoga


6:00 am – Build 45
9:15 am – Yoga Flow


8:00 am – Seniors Yoga
9:00 am – Yoga Flow
10:15 am – Slim. Tone. Build 45

Important information regarding COVID-19 safety and precautions.

  • We are following CDC guidance for businesses and employers.
  • Limit contact using pre-registration booking.
  • Limited class size. No more than 10 students are permitted in the studio.
  • Staggered open. Group classes are offered every other day to limit exposure and contact inside studio.
  • Sanitizing of all areas between classes and frequently throughout each day.
  • touch less hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the studio.
Studio Procedures will be adjusted, removed, and added based on the ever changing climate surrounding COVID-19. Please check Mindbody for the most up to date class schedules. Let’s stay supportive, active, and healthy. We are in this together.week. What to do.

Planksgiving Challenge 2020

Objective- Keep holiday pounds and stress at bay. Complete our ultimate mind-body challenge. Created to boost energy, endurance, strength, overall health, and reduce stress.

Commitment- attend 5 classes per week for 30 days beginning November 2nd. Any combination of our 30,45 or 60 minute group yoga and fitness classes are acceptable. We suggest 3/2 ratio of your choice. Be prepared to do planks (don’t worry modifications are given and encouraged as needed) we really just want to foster healthy habits and help you be the best you!

Rules: complete the challenge, have fun and show off your results at this years holiday party.